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Community Impact


TEF is committed to helping people build the foundation they need to move from a life of poverty to one full of possibility. Employment is crucial to building that foundation and breaking the cycle of poverty.

But there are people in our city who face significant barriers to finding employment – including newcomers, youth, people who are homeless or those living with mental illness.

TEF funds social enterprises that connect people facing employment barriers with job training and work opportunities. Since its inception in 2000, TEF has funded 45 social enterprises, which collectively employed and/or trained over 2,300 people.

Our research and evaluation conducted since 2001 shows that working for a social enterprise has a profound and positive impact on participants. They improve their skills, employability, financial stability, food security, housing, health, relationships with friends and family, self-esteem, and overall well-being.

TEF will soon release a report detailing the results of a three-year longitudinal, participatory evaluation. Read more about this study on the Evaluation page


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