Registration & Taxes

A social enterprise in Ontario must be registered in the same way as a small business, is subject to the rules for HST, must obtain appropriate licences and comply with relevant legislation..

For specific information on how to register the name of your social enterprise, visit Enterprise Toronto. You will need to find out who in your organization is authorized to register a business name (likely your Controller or Finance Director).


Social enterprises run by non-profit organizations must charge HST on taxable sales of $50,000 or more, and remit any HST collected, net of taxes paid on inputs, to the federal government. More information is available from Revenue Canada’s web site.

Licensing & Legislation

Social enterprises must also comply with any federal, provincial and municipal regulations that apply to the business they are operating. In Toronto, most businesses require a business licence. Most industries are subject to some type of legislation.

More information

There are several web sites that provide an array of information on starting a business, most of which also applies to social enterprises: