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What We Do

TEF is a program of the United Way of Greater Toronto that supports employment social enterprises in Peel, Toronto and York Region. Employment social enterprises are businesses that create training and employment opportunities for people facing barriers to the labour market. TEF supports the start-up, sustainability, and scaling of employment social enterprises. 

Throughout 2018, TEF is launching a variety of new programs to support employment social enterprise development. Sign up to our This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to stay apprised of new program announcements.  

Catalyzing New ESEs

TEF provides information, workshops, Accelerators and grants to support the start-up of new employment social enterprises.

Sustaining Existing ESEs

TEF supports the sustainability of existing employment social enterprises through clusters, advocacy, and access to capital (grants and loans).

Mixed Capital Opportunities Fund

TEF’s Mixed Capital Opportunities Fund (Mixed Cap) offers a grant/loan hybrid up to $30,000, in partnership with Alterna Savings. Mixed Cap is designed for existing employment social enterprises that have a business opportunity or expansion plans, and job creation potential, particularly for people who are socially marginalized.

Operating Grants

TEF provides operating grants to a portfolio of non-profit employment social enterprises. Learn more about our portfolio.

Scaling and Growing ESEs

TEF fosters the scaling of ESEs through access to capital (grants and loans), and through support for ESEs to engage in social procurement.


TEF conducts research and evaluation, and shares these learnings with the sector. 

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